Messages from Managing Director

A.K Azad

A.K Azad

Ha-Meem Denim is one of the largest denim manufacturing mills in Bangladesh.

Journey started in 2007, where hard work of 11 years gave us huge success, as it grows itself to be the one of the success stories in Textile in Bangladesh.

Ha-Meem Denim always believes that directional changes in the markets must be matched with innovation, therefore we have set up a good Research and development facility which help to give us an edge in the competitive market, We constantly strive for better solutions, sustainable and eco-friendly products, quality and productivity by investing adequately in the infrastructure, technology and human resources. We work towards identifying new market trends, launching products and remaining competitive. Today’s Innovation can satisfy a growing market that demands tomorrow’s products today.

We have strong environment friendly practices in place, world class ETP facilities and Caustic Recovery plant along with the ongoing expansion project, which will give us an edge outside the box to focus more towards the international market. Ha-Meem Denim, always remain committed to his buyers, while focusing on its quality and performances to give the best of the best, to remain focus and highlighted in this competitive global market.

2019, will be a great year for Ha-Meem, mill capacity will increase while new division of Non-Denim will be introduce which will be in line to produce quality product with a capacity of 2.0 Million per month.